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Education Resources (General)

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History of Art

Thirty-two illustrated lectures tracing the history of art from cave paintings to today.

1. Paleolithic to Byzantine
2. Prehistoric, Egyptian, Greek and Roman Art
3. Late Byzantine, Medieval, and Early Gothic
4. Early Christian, Medieval and Early Byzantine
5. Proto and Early Renaissance
6. High Renaissance
7. Late Renaissance and Mannerism
8. Baroque and Rococo
9. Renaissance to Rococo
10. Neo-Classical and Romantic
11. Pre-Raphaelites and Realists
12. Neo-classicism to Impressionism
13. Impressionism and Post-Impressionism
14. Fauvism and Expressionism
15. Surrealism and Dada
16. Abstraction
17. Bauhaus
18. Pop Art and Op Art
19. Fluxus
20. Conceptual Art
21. Land Art
22. Minimalism
23. Performance Art
24. Video Art
25. Post-modernism
26. Contemporary Art
27. Young British Artists
28. Installation Art
29. Aboriginal Art
30. History of Australian Art
31. Contemporary Australian Art
32. Contemporary art from Asia-Pacific

32 x slideshows (.ppt/.pdf); Resource for teachers (.pdf); Interactive Assessment Task (.pdf/.html)

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History of Representations (Series)

A series of illustrated video lectures and education packs on the History of Representations of:
1. Fear
2. Masculinities
3. Sexuality
4. Madness
5. Humour

5 x 90 minute lectures (.mp4); 5 x artwork slideshows (.ppt/.pdf); Resource for teachers (.pdf); Interactive Assessment Tasks (.pdf/.html)

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Ways of Looking

This series examines different ways of looking at art, distinguishing between traditional, modern and contemporary modes of locating meaning in the experience of art. What you see is what you get.When we talk about meaning in art, we often consider the subject matter of an artwork. Today, many contemporary artworks become meaningful in subjective ways. This means that rather than the subject of an artwork being contained in the art object, the viewer’s experience, perspective and unique interpretation become the subject.

4 x 45 minute lectures (.mp4); 4 x artwork slideshows (.ppt/.pdf)