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Interventions of Contemporary Art in Museums

Since 1989, there have been more than 85 installations of contemporary art in the Freud Museum.

Freud Museum

A series of installations in the museum have included works by Marc Quinn and others

Sir John Soane Museum

James Putnam has curated a series of interventions in the British Museum

British Museum

Anselm Kiefer installed his work in the Rodin Museum in Paris.

Rodin Museum

Institutional Critique dates back to the 1970s and primarily questioned the ideological conditions of an institution.

Institutional Critique

The impact of interventions of contemporary art in museums is substantial. Generally, the public are startled by the unexpected encounter with contemporary art. Often the site-responsiveness of the intervention draws new attention to the permanent collection and offers new insight into the significance of museum objects, methods of display and the relationship to objects and the environment in which they are displayed.
Impact of Interventions
on the permanent collection
of Museums
Other Spaces Institute explores curatorial strategies for the intervention of site-responsive installations of contemporary art in spaces outside the Museum and Gallery. A significant part of our research is to compile a comnprehensive list of interventions in a variety of different types of spaces.
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